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I told you so

Sunday the 4th of Sep, 2005 | 20

Oh, aren't you glad I bought the cookies, Kalas? Aren't you glad that I didn't let you eat them? Just imagine, you would have had to trek through Holoholo Jungle again if it hadn't been for my love of good cookies.

In any case, it seems that the warrior woman returned while we were hearing the story from Mayfee and her grandmother, so let's go see what she has to say.

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Private Entry

Monday the 29th of Aug, 2005 | 15

Kalas is making it hard for me to justify liking him. I know that I love him, ever since I saw him in my dreams. But he's very different from what I imagined. There's also something strange about him, and not just the lack of a wing. He feels different than other people.

But I guess I shouldn't really be one to talk.

I'm kind of jealous that he has a guardian spirit. I would have loved to have one myself. I guess that's a task for another journey.

... Well. If there ever will be other journeys.

I am a bit anxious. I know that I must save the world from destruction, but I am terrified of what will happen once we have finished. The lost ocean... and Kalas. Will Kalas continue to stay with me, or at least tolerate my presence? Will I even be alive?

I envy that Kalas is able to write to his friends at home. I doubt I could find a mesenger who would be able to deliver to Wazn.

Oh: The Komo Mai cookies will be hard to make at home, since they require celestial seeds. Perhaps I can someday convince Corellia to open trade relations with Wazn, so that we may also enjoy the cookies on a regular basis.

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Thoughts, friends? (Private: Allies)

Saturday the 27th of Aug, 2005 | 20

I wonder who that woman was? She was definitely strong, and I didn't sense anything bad about her -- not like when we fought against Geldoblame's soldiers, who exuded evil. I think we should definitely take the time to talk to her. It's on our way anyway, I believe. The third End Magnus won't be found on the Komo Mai side of Anuenue.

So, I believe we don't have any better options anyway, but what do you think, companions? Since we have not been able to gain Queen Corellia's favor, Komo Mai is a bit of a dead end for us. I suppose we could stay and research a bit at their academy as well.

Addendum: Komo Mai cookies are really delicious! I'm going to have to get the recipe somewhere, so that I can make them at home.

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